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Column #68, #70; Mountain Valley Natural Edge Chopped


This Mountain Valley quarzitic sandstone sample is made of select end cuts that have been tumbled to add a weathered look. The earth tone colors include brown, rust, tan, buff and black. It was installed in a dry stack style with 3” – 5” thick pieces. The coverage will be approximately 35-45 square feet per ton. Cap is Mountain Valley Sandstone.


This Mountain Valley sandstone sample is made of chopped end cut selects with natural edges which create a textured and colorful look. The colors include a blend of buff, rust, tan and black. The material is 3”-5” thick with an average coverage of 35 – 45 square feet per ton. The material was installed in a dry stack style. Cap is Mountain Valley Sandstone.


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Product Specs

Buff, Rust, Tan
Stone Type
Quartzitic Sandstone

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