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Zions Bank – Logan

Economist Hartley Withers said, “Good banking is produced not by good laws but by good bankers”. This statement rings true about Zions Bank. Being a major bank based in Utah since 1957, Zions Bank is trusted and reputable and they want that to be reflected in the façade of their buildings. Working closely with the architect, Prescott Muir, we knew this Zions Bank building needed to convey this message.

Zions Bank buildings are professional with an informal, yet established, flair. This two-story building located in Logan, Utah is no exception. The building’s exterior is primarily brick; so, our main focus was the front entrance, pillars, window surrounds, and baseline on the exterior. To complement the surrounding traditional architecture and maintain a professional feel, natural stone was an obvious choice and our Nairobi stone was selected. Nairobi is a fossiliferous hard limestone that looks great in any application.

A really cool feature on this building is the uniformity of the cut stone. Zions Bank wanted the exterior to be as professional and consistent as possible. This is evident near the main entrance as well as when viewing the building from a distance. The fabrication of the joints in the stone are detailed to line up across the entire building, the cuts had to be precise and accurate to successfully achieve this design element. With this feature being utilized, we added small cuts into the solid stone pillars by the front doorway to keep this feel.

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