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Zions Bank – Heber City

This new two-story financial institution was built in Heber City, UT to serve the individual and business banking needs of this high mountain valley community. The branch includes drive-through teller service, a walk-in vault, ample public space / lobby area, and multiple conference rooms and offices. The community had long needed to build a new Zion’s Bank as the old bank was in a historic building clad with Heber Valley-native Quartzitic sandstone. Because the old building was so beloved, it was difficult to say goodbye to despite the fact that the branch had long ago outgrown the small but lovely historic building.

Some tough choices had to be made but there was plenty of room for opportunity. The challenge was to make the new building large enough for the communities growing needs, fit modern comfort on the interior and still reflect the pioneer heritage of old town Heber main street. By using the red Quartzitic sandstone, quarried from the same area as the original, the architect was able to reflect and match the old town feel of Main Street. The effect is further amplified by the flat topped square look of many of its surrounding buildings. The massive solid stone columns flanking both the front and rear entrance are nothing short of majestic. This entire structure utilized the same stone but created depth and variation by switching between a pitched face veneer and honed accents.

This structure stands as a testament that it is possible to create beautiful modern buildings using old world stone masonry, without sacrificing the traditional feel of Main Street America.

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