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Riverton Senior Center


The Riverton Senior Center is a quaint, but yet spacious and modern gathering place for the retirement community in Salt Lake County. The objective of this project was simple from the beginning; to provide a place for seniors to meet, socialize, eat and enjoy their golden years with others who have similar life experience.

The Silverdale limestone base course and detailing was selected due to the context of the historic City Hall building nearby. The brick and limestone material palette was intended to respect the character of the City Hall while still creating a unique identity for the Senior Center. The design utilized smooth finished, monolithic limestone to establish a solid base for the building, giving it immediate presence and strengthening the city’s “civic campus”. To explore the stone qualities further, and to introduce a more modern aesthetic to the traditional feel, the design uses textured stone panels with a four cut finish to connect interior and exterior spaces. The use of limestone cladding, in various depths and thicknesses, creates textured surfaces at site walls, entry columns and as cladding on the fireplace.

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