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Situated in the northeastern part of El Paso, at the foot of the Franklin Mountains, is a sprawling 1.1 million square-foot medical complex, the Fort Bliss Replacement Hospital. The Fort Bliss Replacement Hospital is one of the most ambitious military hospitals in the history of the United States and it provides the military community a place of healing and respite. A city unto itself, this expansive campus took 6 years of construction and the passion, dedication, and expertise of thousands of individuals to bring a world-class facility to serve active duty personal, retired vets, and military family members. We are very proud to have been part of this project and the beauty that the natural stone brings to it.

Working very extensively with the HDR Architect firm and project designers, it became known that what was wanted was to have a natural inviting feel and look for the exterior of the hospital. Even with the visual aspect of the building being important, the product used on the outside needed to stand-up to the harsh climate of Texas. As we explored our options, we knew the exterior would be exposed to the harsh Texas sun which would not only be a problem for heat on the material, but have the wall would need to reflect and absorb any leftover heat to protect the electronic components in the wall. Working together we found that by using the amazing Mountain Valley Quarzitic Sandstone we could achieve both beauty, longevity, and functionality. Cutting the stone to be all split-faced the hospital keeps a natural showing and feel to the walls.

With studies that show that the design and décor of a hospital can play a positive role in a patient’s stay, we strong feel that this natural stone adds an enduring beauty that will help serve the community for years to come.


Architect- HDR

Material- Mountain Valley Stone Split Cleft

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