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Camp Majcher

Situated in Victory Ranch, a beautiful area in the mountains of Utah, sits a custom-built home known as Camp Majcher. Two phrases come to mind when looking at this home which accurately describe the construction and design processes which resulted in the successful completion of Camp Majcher. The first phrase is, “A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams” and the second phrase is, “Whatever your work is, put your heart into it.” This home is a direct reflection of the dreams, designs, and hopes of the owner and the amazing craftsmanship employed which brought those dreams to life.

As we talked to the owner and architects about their vision for the home’s design, we learned they hoped to create a farmhouse style home which felt as though it may have been built 100 years earlier. With that in mind, we knew we would need to use lighter colors to contrast other areas of the home. There was also a strong desire to use a stone natural to the surrounding area. The stone from the Mountain Valley Stone quarry, located not far from Victory Ranch, was the ideal choice. The stone was chosen for its variety of creamy colors, locality, and its durability to withstand the hot Utah summers and the cold, snowy winters. Additionally, we knew that tumbling the stone would achieve the desired aged and rustic feel.

When this area was originally settled, old stone cabins had one-layer walls; meaning the stone you saw on the outside was exactly the same stone seen on the inside. In today’s home building this is not possible due to the need to run electrical wires, pipes, and other things through the walls. By using a 6-inch veneer stone on the outside of the home and matching that same veneer on the interior, we created the feeling that the walls are simply solid stone blocks. This is most apparent in the master bedroom and living room areas.

When you study fine art, your focus moves from an attention on the main subject to an interest in and appreciation for smaller details. Attention to the small details at Camp Majcher provided the love and workmanship that completed the owner’s dreams. For example, using a mortar with a heavy grit sand broadcasted into the joints between the stones makes the structure appear as though it jumped right from the pages in a history book. This is a detail found throughout the home but is prominently displayed in the outdoor eating area on the mantel piece.

To provide continuity between the home and the grounds, and again highlight natural stone from the area, materials from the Mountain Valley Stone quarry were also used in the small landscaping walls and in boulders placed throughout the property; even the crushed stone used to create a rustic gravel driveway came from the Mountain Valley Stone quarry.

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